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18/03/2016 · 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - 2012 F-250 DEATH WOBBLE, HELP - I have a 2012 F-250 XLT, Super Crew, short bed, 6.2L & the FX4 package, completely stock. It currently has 45,000 miles on it. Recently I've been having an issue with the death wobble. When hitting some rough humps or bridges at highway speed 70-80mph, the. 22/08/2015 · 2012 Ford F250 DEATH Wobble Tire View Todd Scheiber. Loading. Unsubscribe from. 2020 Ford F350 7.3 Gas Super Duty - FIRST LOOK - Duration: 23:44. Lasco Ford. Drag Link & Track Arm Replacement for Death Wobble.

03/04/2013 · We have a 2012 F350 ext cab long bed 4x4 with death wobble. Has about 38k miles on it. It has been to the dealership MANY times already and they couldn't figure it out. Recently was taken to a shop and they can't figure it out either. The truck was recently put in a ditch and had to be pulled out. 01/12/2015 · I just bought a 2012 f350 with a 6" lift, 37 hankooks on it. It drove fine when I test drove it and now sometimes at like 30 mph it will get death wobble bad, but doesn't do it at any other speeds above 30 or below.

19/08/2012 · 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel - Most Common Fault of Death Wobble - What is the most common part that causes the Death Wobble? I'm pretty sure now, after discussion the issue with a few folks, that what I'm experiencing is the fabled Death Wobble. Now what I need to know is, what might be the cause so I can direct a shop. 2012 F-250 Death Wobble Question. As the title states, I️ have a 2012 F-250 with about 72k miles on it and it’s started doing the dreaded Death Wobble. It’s bone stock except for some BFG A/T that I️ put on about 2 years ago. 2011 Ford F-250 6.2 1 point · 1 year ago. 01/12/2009 · Ford Super Duty Death Wobble Cure. To combat this issue on the '05-'09 Ford F-250-550 Super Duty trucks with coils, WC Motorsports of Walpole, Massachusetts, has devised a replacement track bar that cures the shakes and wobbles associated with a bad bar. Many Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550s built between the 1987 and 2004 model years can experience a harmonic vibration in the front suspension when hitting large bumps at higher speeds. The vibration, commonly called the “death shake” or “death wobble,” creates an unnerving experience for the driver and only fades. 24/08/2011 · Welcome toWelcome to, the internet's premier Ford truck community! You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view discussions and access other forum features.

28/09/2012 · How to stop front end death wobble This only happens with the drag radials on, it does it randomly on the highway when I hit the slightest bump and it has done it at the end of the 1/4. Its a pain in the ass and I would like to be able to run it with out the fear of dying. The Ford track bar repair kit is for 2005 and newer Ford Super Duty trucks. With this kit you will be able to replace the track bar bushing with an improved design to solve the death wobble issues with this steering and suspension design. Moonlight Diesel offers three kits.

The Ford F250 death wobble is caused when the defective front axles encounter even a small detriment on the road. Sad to say we are receiving calls on the 1 800 LEMON LAW hotline from even more drivers dealing with the serious vibration problem known as the “death wobble.”. 19/11/2018 · You may fix it, but now you've taken the problem off of Fords Shoulders and placed it on yours by using a none OEM component. Believe me, I went down this road 4 years ago. I'm no Ford advocate as I've had more than my share of problems, it took 4 months to fix my 2012 death wobble back before Ford was acknowledging there was a problem. I purchased this F250 King Ranch New in 2012. The first time I experienced this "DEATH WOBBLE" was at around 18,000 miles. It has since happened 5 other times not extremely severe although very disturbing, not including yesterday when it was so severe that I. 27/08/2008 · 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - TsbFor Death Wobble - I called my dealer today to make an appointment for a diagnosis for the Death Wobble on my 2006 F350 and they wanted the TSB number, they acted as if I was the 1st person they ever heard of experiencing this which I know is total BS. If anyone knows the bulletin.

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Super Duty Wobble is the home of the Ford Super Duty Death Wobble Cure. We have custom designed this kit to get rid of the dreaded death wobble from your Ford Super Duty truck. Check out our video section to see our study with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 02/04/2014 · Death Wobble on 05 up is primarily caused by lack of castor.What caryt said. Why Ford chose these alignment specs is beyond me. Worn or damaged parts will make the condition more pronounced but even a tight front end can have it occur under the right circumstances. Ford f 250 What causes the DEATH WOBBLE in the f 250 and f. F350: steering wheel.Powerstroke.aftermarket.a bracket.flex. Concerned over "death wobble", where after hitting uneven pavement or pothole, steering wheel starts shaking violently and it's very difficult to control my 05 F350 Powerstroke. The 2012 Ford E-350 has 1 problems reported for death wobble. Average failure mileage is 153,000 miles.

Fixed death wobble - VIDEO - Ford Truck Club.

By 'death wobble' I assume you are referring to a violent side to side shimmy after hitting bump or dip in road. Ford f350 super duty shut off and lose power while driving. The 2012 Ford F-350. My 2012 f250 with 129000 miles has death wobble. how can i fix it? Nothing - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Ford F350 SuperDuty Pickup 4x4: whats up with my 2012 f350. 2012 F-250 superduty death wobble 115k miles. My truck started death wobbling a few weeks ago. I replaced the front shocks and steering stabilizer and the problem feels worse. The tires are Cooper 10plys. The front ones were starting to cup so I rotated them myself to the rear.

23/08/2016 · Anyone have a known/proven solution or combination of solutions for the Ford Super Duty front end "Death Wobble?" I have a 2011 F250 CC 4WD short bed, 6.2L gas. At approximately 60 mph or higher when I hit a pothole or pavement abutment, I get the violent shaking of the front end. Only way to stop it has been to slow down to about 40 MPH. 2012 Ford F-250 problem with Steering. 2012 FORD F-250 Steering problems. FORD F-250 Problems. SEARCH INTERNET ON FORD 250 DEATH WOBBLE FOR VIDEO EVIDENCE - MANY INSTANCES FORD MUST TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION. I NOW HAVE A 2012 VEHICLE WHICH IS NOT SAFE TO DRIVE. Ford files motion to dismiss lawsuit that alleges F-250 and F-350 trucks shake violently. August 22, 2019 — A Ford "death wobble" class action lawsuit is being debated in court after the California plaintiff claimed Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks have defective suspension components that cause violent shaking.

2010 Ford f350 death wobble, When driving slight bump is hit or turning steering wheel to left truck does death wobble. - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. Super Duty Death Wobble. 3,014 likes · 2 talking about this. This page is dedicated to Ford Truck owners that have a very BAD or VIOLENT shake or shimmie. A lawsuit claims certain 2005-2019 Ford F-250 and F-350 vehicles can experience a "death wobble" as the result of defects in their suspension and/or steering systems. 07/09/2012 · As the thread states, my 2006 F350 4x4 crew cab has a case of the "death wobble". It has happened several times, mostly on the Interstate going 60 MPH plus and either hitting two potholes in a row or a rough bridge expansion joint. 19/03/2013 · Here is a thread that can help: How did Ford fix the Death Wobble in 08? - Page 6 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums The stabilizers do not solve the problem, just masks the wobble. As you will see from the thread, it is still a mystery, Ford is not helping, and some people are getting into elaborate fixes like remounting the track bar.

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